Next Level Mixing II

Get inspired to go deeper into advanced mixing with the newest addition to our Core Course Mixing Program: Next Level Mixing II.

Optimize your mixing workflow by building your own personalized mixing template. Refine your approach to creative automation, advanced buss processing, and instrument-specific advanced techniques for drums, bass, and vocals. And conclude the course with a two-week Mixing Shootout with your online classmates.

Course curriculum:

  • Ultimate Mixing Tools: VCA faders, Pan-laws, Post and pre-fader processing
  • Advanced Routing
  • Ultimate Mixing Template
  • Advanced vocal mixing
  • Advanced drums mixing
  • Advanced bass mixing
  • Automation
  • Advanced modulating FX
  • Mixing Shootouts


Next Level Mixing II 2017 session starts Wednesday, June 21st
Wednesday and Friday 11-00 AM - 11-50 AM EST
Open Office Hours: Wednesday 4PM EST
Seats are limited

Next Level Mixing II is compatible with any DAW